La Paz - Bolivia


  • Focused to get products with high quality.
  • Most of 5 web applications successfully taken to production in telecommunications and automotive industries in Bolivia, Italia and USA.
  • Good designing and development skills.
  • Experience applying tools like XP, Scrum and Kanban applied to software development.


  • Design Patterns knowledge.
  • Web Application Servers as Tomcat and IBM Websphere
  • Java Persistence frameworks such as JPOX, KODO and Hibernate.
  • Databases as Oracle, MySql and PostgreSQL Server.
  • Good Linux knowledge


Jun 2009 to Present, CodeRoad Bolivia/ TierConnect USA

  • Developer leader in web services for Orders managing.
  • Developer leader to implement testing infrastructure for data management and web services.

Jun 2008 to 2009

Jun 2003 to 2008, CodeRoad Bolivia/ TierConnect USA

  • Developer Leader of a Web Application to manage non conforming material in assembly lines of car manufacturing plants. This product is actually being implemented at companies like the Ford Motor Company. This application was implemented using JSP/Servlet, JDO and Ajax.  More information in
  • Developer Leader of a Web Application to manage Purchase Orders between customers and suppliers. This application was implemented in companies where the main purpose is to provide auto parts to the main manufacturer plants. One of the good features of this app was the integration with SAP systems using ABAP.
  • Developer of a application for handhelds with WindowsCE using Microsoft.Net

February 2001 to May 2003, Sivatech SRL/Siva Italia

  • Oracle/Solaris System Administrator.
  • Part of the team to develop SIPEM. SIPEM (Sistema Informatico Puento Entel Movil) is a application to manage cell phone activations. It’s used by Entel Bolivia.
  • Part of the team to develop a production control solution for Siva S.P.A.
  • Part of the team to develop web portal solution for Telecom Italy.

1999 to 2001 CIES (Computer Sciences Center) - San Antonio

  • Computer Lab. Chief.
  • Computer Sciences Instructor


  • Graphic Designer


  • JEE Web Applications Developing.
  • Struts 1.2 MVC Framework.
  • Spring Framework and Spring Web Services
  • Java Database Connectivity.
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, DHTML, Java Script programming.
  • Ajax, ExtJs, Prototype
  • Oracle Database Administration (Linux and Windows).
  • Hibernate
  • JDO (JPOX and KODO implementations)
  • XML and applications (XPATH, XHTML, XSL, XSLT, etc)
  • MySQL and  PostgreSQL
  • JavaScript, JQuery, ExtJs
  • Jabber Instant Messaging.
  • JSON serialization libraries (XStream, GSON, and Jackson)



San Andres University. 

Computer Sciences.

La Paz - Bolivia